Introducing The Mobilizer, an adjustable, myofascial release tool that’s engineered to deliver precise, focused pressure where you need it most – from your thoracic spine, glutes and hips, to your thighs, calves, and feet. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, new to fitness, or just looking to increase flexibility, you’ll feel results almost immediately.


Whether you spend hours sitting at a desk – or stretching and mobilizing after an intense workout – locked up joints and tight muscles can reduce your range of motion and put additional strain on your back and other joints. This can often result in injury.

Rugged, portable and easy to use, The Mobilizer quickly zeroes in on even the hardest-to-reach muscles and joints, digging deep to kick stiffness and immobility to the curb. From surfers, golfers and gymnasts to football, baseball and tennis players (Yogis, too!), The Mobilizer relieves stiffness and pain for athletes of all types. Drastically more effective than any other device on the market – it’s the ultimate mobility tool. 


Available in three different sizes, The Mobilizer is scaled for mild applications up to aggressive myofascial release.
Whether you’re an athlete, new to fitness, or you just sit at a desk all day, The Mobilizer can help relieve stiffness and pain.

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Mobilizer 6.1

$ 41.99

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Specially formulated Poly Urethane wheels provide focused pressure, while maintaining a soft touch. The 6.1 can be used anywhere on your body, especially the cervical and l...
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Mobilizer 8.1

$ 43.99

"New even softer Formula"The design that started it all! Originally designed to fit in between the shoulder blades and mobilize your thoracic spine, the 8.1 also works to m...
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Mobilizer 10.1

$ 45.99

Details: Adjustable width from 2” - 3” Wheel diameter: 4” Wheel thickness: 1” Wheel hardness: Shore 50 - 60A durometer Featuring a rugged, purpose-built design, The Mobi...
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