An ideal complement to existing foam rollers, other stretching devices and manual stretching, The Mobilizer offers deeper, more focused joint and muscle relief. Use these simple moves to release tension and maximize flexibility.

The Mobilizer works best with a little resistance. For best results, use it lying down on carpet or a yoga mat. Even though The Mobilizer has wheels, you don’t quite “roll” on it like you would a foam roller. It’s engineered to reach areas that a foam roller or other devices just can’t get to. So, the basic idea for all of these moves is to adjust the space between the wheels to the desired width and lie down onto it. The Mobilizer works best when you can relax into each location. Move one joint at a time, taking 3 or 4 deep breaths at each location and relax.

This move works on all the vertebra, particularly the thoracic region, as well as the paravertebral muscles along the spine. Adjust the width of The Mobilizer (narrow to mobilize the joints, wider to mobilize the paravertebral muscles). Lie back down toward The Mobilizer, keeping your weight supported by your elbows. Breathe in, then exhale as you lower yourself onto the device. Lift yourself up, roll to the next joint, and repeat. Relax. So long, thoracic immobility!

Once you’re familiar with the device, you can achieve aggressive thoracic mobilization by using a more advanced move for your upper back and neck. It’s similar to the original back move, except you put your hands behind your head and exhale as move your shoulders over the device, side to side. You won’t believe the intense stretch you get from this technique!

This move isolates the min, med and max gluteus muscles, which helps to mobilize the hip girdle. Adjust the width of The Mobilizer (narrow to cover a small area, wider to isolate individual muscles). Sit on the floor with your knees bent and place The Mobilizer parallel to your hip. Lift up and lower yourself onto the device. Lean into The Mobilizer, roll and load your weight as necessary to get an awesome isolated myofascial release.

This move mobilizes the iliopsoas and iliacus muscles, as well as the hip girdle. Adjust The Mobilizer to a width that’s uncomfortable. Sit with your knees bent and The Mobilizer placed perpendicular to your hip. Lift up and lower yourself onto the device on your side, letting your hip roll onto The Mobilizer.

This move isolates any of the three muscles in the hamstring. Adjust The Mobilizer to the desired width, depending on which muscles you want to isolate. While sitting, place The Mobilizer under your hamstring and slowly roll along the tight area while increasing and decreasing the pressure using your body weight.

This move isolates the gastrocnemius, soleus and fibularis muscles. Adjust The Mobilizer to the desired width. Sitting or kneeling, set your calf or shin onto The Mobilizer and load and unload your weight to target tight or sore muscles.

This move mobilizes all the plantar muscles, tendons and ligaments of the foot. Adjust The Mobilizer to the desired width — usually narrow. Place your foot on top of the device and while lightly rolling along the arch of your foot, gradually apply more pressure to loosen up tight tendons.